Hotel’s Services and Facilities

This directory details our guest services. We hope you have a fantastic stay and please do not hesitate to talk with one of our team by dialing the number “0” or add Line@ “Solaria Bangkok” should you require any assistance.



Hotel quarantine package shall provide you complimentary 3 meals every day. You can select menu and inform our staff 1 day in advance, meals will be delivered directly to in front of your room. The following is delivery time each day.

Breakfast      07:00hrs – 09:00hrs
Lunch            11:00hrs – 12:30hrs
Dinner          18:00hrs – 19:30hrs



Complimentary wi-fi is available throughout the hotel. It can be accessed by connecting your device to the network named “Solaria” You will be directed to log-in page to input your username and password.

Wi-Fi name:      Solaria 
Username:         your room number
Password:          first 3 letters of your registered Last Name


ATM Service  ATM

There is an ATM machine located in the hotel on Lobby Floor (L Floor).


Breaking and missing items

The hotel will not be responsible for any damages, breakages or missing items in your room and will be charged accordingly. 



Our front desk staff will be delighted to provide you with information about Bangkok area including restaurants, sports, entertainment, and local attractions.


First Aid

Should you require any assistance, please dial number “0” or add Line@ “Solaria Bangkok”.



The cleaning room service will be available on day 4th of your stay. Please advise the convenient time for guest service.

If you require the additional blankets, feather pillows, lost and found, cots and stationery, please dial “0” or add Line Official “Solaria Bangkok”.



The hotel quarantine package is inclusive complimentary 3 pieces of laundry per day. The pick-up time is 9.00hrs – 11.00hrs daily. only on day 3rd onwards after received a first PCR negative test result.


Pool and Gym

During this COVID-19 self-quarantine, the swimming pool and Gym is temporary closed until further notice. Yoga mat is available for borrow, please dial “0” or add Line@ “Solaria Bangkok”. 


Relaxing Zone

During this COVID-19 self-quarantine, the relaxing zone is available after received a first PCR negative test result for 45 minutes per time, kindly contact our guest service to make a reservation 1 day in advance


TV Channel Guide

Please find the channel guide next to the television in your room.


Guest Service

For more information or any further assistance that you require during your stay, please dial “0” or add us on the Line Application from QR Code below.


    Maintain at least one-meter distance from others.

    1. Minimize visitors to the hotel, you should avoid interaction with any visitors.
    2. Frequent hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds at a time and maintain alcohol-based hand hygiene in instances where hand washing facilities are inadequate.
    3. Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hand.
    4. The hotel quarantined guest is expected to monitor body temperature using a thermometer twice a day.
       (See the daily activities schedule for 8 Nights/ 9 Days Package),  
       (See the daily activities schedule for 11 Nights/ 12 Days Package). 

      If you develop fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, sore throat, body aches and pain, including flu like symptoms, immediately inform your area service staff.

    5. Always using facemasks while go out of the room and while housekeeping is making up room or having interact with others.
    6. Disposable facemasks should be properly discarded without reuse, preferably in a trash bin provided.
    7. Only guest who received a negative test result from COVID-19 1st will be allowed to enjoy hotel relaxing area and bar area. If you would like to go out from the hotel room, please always inform your area service staff in advance to check the availability, in alignment with the Social Distancing rule. Hotel shall provide 3 meals for you, please avoid ordering food delivery service. For hotel menu must be ordered at least 1 days in advance. Please contact your area service staff for the preferred menu.  
    8. Hotel Package is inclusive of complimentary 3 pieces regular laundry service per day. Please place your laundry in the hotel laundry bag and fill up the laundry list. Place the laundry in front of your room every morning. Our staff will collect your laundry daily per schedule.
    9. Some daily activities will be scheduled such as meals delivery time, laundry pick-up, garbage pick-up, room make-up and COVID-19 PCR Test, please find daily schedule for your preparation and reference.